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Primal is composed of polyrhythmic layers, each layer an invitation to any kind of movement our body/mind/spirit is inspired to make.  The organic rhythms and patterns are based on the primal heartbeat. Each time you hear this music, each time … Continue reading

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My music represents a journey, one that has taken me well beyond Western music theory into an understanding of the true nature of vibration.  Modern recording technology has allowed me to utilize the ancient tuning system known as Pythagorean.  This … Continue reading

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Music is Everywhere

 “Songs used to be discrete products from artists to fans; now they’re becoming more like temporary tattoos,” - Eliot Van Buskirk of Evolver. FM. - “Music is finally everywhere.” Anyone can play anything in seconds through a myriad of online music services, he … Continue reading

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The Sound Beyond

After a relatively minor surgery (there is nothing minor about full anesthesia, however, and apparently there were complications)  I had a near total recall of where I went and what I heard while I was ‘under’.  One could liken this … Continue reading

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