Sound Safari

Our Sound Safaris are journeys into pristine audio environments, where we gather material for use in our Environments series, therapeutic music programming, CDs, and audio for video. Often, the essence of a place is encoded in its ambient sound and can provide the inspiration for musical compositions that begin in the field and are completed in the studio.


Click to Listen to the Sounds  of Tiri Tiri Matangi Island bird sanctuary, New Zealand

“Natural sounds add a depth of field to my recordings. I use them subtly. They become musical elements inside the composition, rather than attached or overlaid. For instance, if I want to provide a pulsing high frequency oscillation, a shimmer in a string sound, rather than using a synthesizer filter, I will use crickets, cicadas or katydids as a wash inside an ambient pad. The pulse of nature is more complex and fractal than can be programmed into a synthesizer.”¬†– Garth