Garth-Curriculum Vitae

Garth Whitcombe Curriculum Vitae





1976-1979 Auckland University Kenneth Maidment Center Theater Arts Program

Diploma Audio Engineering


2012 Stillness- Song of Creation

2008 Flow – Healing Dance Series

2007 Well of Ancestors

2004 Dream Time

2000 Shades of Appalachia

1990 islands Rising

1986 Te Rerenga Wairua/Spirit Voyage

1986 Ao Rangi

!984 Summer Christmas

1983 Morning Light

1981 Returning to Love

1981 Composed New Zealand Conservation Week National Song

1981-90 various productions for New Zealand labels

Ocean Records

Ode Records

Ika Records

Staff Producer

Sun Energy Records 1985-1990

1987 Founding Member Independent Music Producers Association NZ


1977-1979 Maidment Theater Arts Program

1978 Kenneth Maidment Theater Solo show

1978 Main Stage performance Nambassa Festival

1979 Main Stage performance Sweetwater Festival

1981 Main Stage performance Nambassa Festival

1984-87 Keyboard player Pacific Highway Polynesian Reggae

1983 -87 Keyboard player Pacific Salsa Jazz band

1982-84 Art Work Community Performer

1985, 1989 Sydney Australia out door performance series

1988 Arts ambassador and feature performer for NZ Americas cup challenge San

Diego CA

1989 Convention Center Sydney Australia


1981 Patu Auckland

1985 TVNZ Auckland

1985-1987 David Wray Productions Auckland

1986 David Hannay Productions Sydney Australia

1993 Steve Roberts Productions Nashville TN

2007 Pen Point Productions Nashville TN

2011 Be the Jam Stop Human Trafficking Soundtrack

Arts Administration

Auckland City Council

1981-1988 People in Parks Arts Program

New Zealand Arts Council

1983-89 Arts Co-ordinator Norther Regional Arts Council

Creative Director Te Rere Moana Arts Trust

1983-1990 Tangata Whenua Arts Programs

1992-1994 Blue Sky Court Performance Cafe Nashville

2005 Helping Children Heal Benefit at County Music Hall of Fame

for Vanderbilt Chlldrenʼs Hospital Nashville

2005 Music Co-ordination for American Massage Therapy Association

National Convention

Musical Direction

1979 Limbs Music for Dance

1981 Brigid Oʼhalloran Dance Company

1982-1983 Imagine Mime Troupe

1983-1990 Tangata Pasifica



























Garth Whitcombe Curriculum Vitae

1983-1986 Director Warwick Broadhead

One Moment

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

1983-1985 Pacific Highway Roadshow

1990 A Prayer for Peace Kenneth Maidment Theater

1992-1994 Blue Sky Court Performance Cafe Nashville

2006- 2008 Interplay Theater

Audio Engineering/Production

Harlequin Studios Auckland New Zealand

Mandrill Studios Auckland

Warrior Studios Auckland

Stebbings Studios Auckland

Woodland Studios Nashville

Pinewood Studios Nashville

Assistant Engineer

Sound Design Santa Barbara California

Woodland Studios Nashville

Studio Design/Construction

Harlequin Studios Auckland

Christopher Cross Studio Santa Barbara California

Research With Native Cultures, Music/Healing Arts

New Zealand

Te Arohanui Marae

Te Rarawa Marae

Tarawera Rotorua


Gabu, Burnum Burnum,


Navajo Reservation

Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation

Chumash Reservation























Garth Whitcombe Curriculum Vitae


2005-2009 Anatomy of Sound

Tennessee Massage Therapy Association

Vanderbilt University

American Massage Therapy Association

Bastyr Naturopathic College