Music and Self Care

Music is a powerful external stimulant that is instantly internalized.  It has both physiological and psychological effects that can be tailored to elicit a range of behaviors.

Everything from consumption of more alcohol to political upheaval to spiritual upliftment can be inspired by music.

Music is built from elements of time and dimension.  It creates an internal world of shape and meaning that drives emotion and alters body chemistry.  Music is not an inert event.  It is vibration that travels through the atmosphere and resonates in the body/mind of the listener, whether the person is conscious of it or not.  In fact, subconscious perception of music can be a more powerful stimulant than conscious participation, since the subconscious responds directly to musical prompts in a similar way to hypnosis.

Understanding how to consciously use music is a profound way to empower your health. Besides their use in the therapy room all our albums have applications in everyday self care. Stillness: Song of Creation is useful for centering and for meditation practices. Dream Time was developed by Garth to heal his insomnia and is used by many on a regular basis to enhance sleep. It can be used every day for a rejuvenating afternoon nap. Flow was created for myofascial stretching and for yoga, pilates, and other exercise. Islands Rising and Flow make great soundtracks for centering while driving. Well of Ancestors has been used in hospice care and in managing pain following surgery.

We often think of self care as exercise, a bubble bath, or a session of stretching or unwinding. Gaining more control over the sound field we inhabit and using music that has been mindfully created utilizing full spectrum sound and healing principles can greatly enhance all we do to care for ourselves and others.