Star Womb

The Star Womb Environment is an artistic collaboration with artist/sculptor Barbara Yontz and astrophysicist Daniel Wolf Savin. The sound design is based on the mathematical data from Daniel’s experiment into the probability of molecular hydrogen occurrence after the big bang. Molecular hydrogen provides the cooling, condensation effect that births stars from the flux of energy after the big bang; hence the name “Star Womb.”

Star Womb Reactions

“I enjoyed the experience of the womb from inside and outside the structure and from inside and outside of my body. The soundtrack was amazing! What was really interesting was how the soundtrack and the sounds of the city outside the open window melded together into each other. At one point a helicopter flew overhead at a point in the soundtrack that it sounded like it was just another speaker with another sound added to the mix.”

“I really enjoyed the textures of the materials used in the womb. Each one was so different, but still very much integrated with one another. I kept seeing new things with each revisit of a segment. All of it worked so well together. Well done Garth, Barbara and Daniel! — Nancy Stewart

“I visited the womb after Molly’s study group yesterday. What an incredible experience. It took me a few moments to enter inside as I immediately felt the intensity in my body. Once inside, my palate was humming and I felt (for the first time) what was the pumping motion of my sphenoid. The artist was there and she loved how we ‘got it’! Please share my congrats and thanks with Garth.”
– Jessica JQK