Everyone (including me) has loved receiving treatment to “Flow.”

Barb Long, LMT

“I found myself in tears within five minutes of playing ‘Well of Ancestors’ every time I have put it on. It brought me right to what was in my heart in the moment. It’s simply deep and beautiful.”

Joanne Richards, PT

I wanted to let you know how awesome your “Dream Time” CD is. I don’t
typically respond to “new age” music but obviously your research/knowledge
of music has paid off. It is so relaxing without being annoying. I have
been using it to fall asleep every night. My husband is enjoying it too and he usually doesn’t like extra noise at bedtime. I even think my dog is sleeping better! My goal is to eventually to be able to get to sleep drug free. This CD is wonderful; and I could see how it would be a wonderful asset with an mfr session; and I can personally attest to it’s being a wonderful asset for
home use. – Jane Keith MSPT, CIMI. Birmingham, Alabama

Jane Keith MSPT

Last night I was having an especially difficult time sleeping. I went in search of my DiscMan and headphones, one of the subliminal CD’s I’ve used in the past, and voila! On top of the stack was Dream Time. I put it on, and as I was listening, my body literally started to release the tension in my muscles. My body just kept softening, my thoughts eased up and before I knew it, I was asleep on the couch. I woke up an hour or so later, and trundled off to bed.

Coletta Eichenberber LMT

The Stillness cd is an absolute essential piece to my continued awakening. These movements fill my mind and body with such expansive rhythms -they vibrate and resonate into all the nooks and crannies of my being. My places that feel tight and shut down start to move both literally and figuratively. Sometimes the tones remind me of celestial creations and sometimes they speak to me of the deepest depths of the oceans. The layers continue to unfold and I hear something new and different each time I listen. I am grateful for such beauty, it bypasses any thinking or ordering from an intellectual perspective around music and moves straight to my soul and works on my healing.

Thank you Garth and please continue to create such extraordinary audible dreams.

Suzanne Battis

Okay…it is OFFICIAL! Garth & Sandy Whitcombe’s new CD “Stillness” rocks!
Jessie & I used it today during our treatment w/ each other and both of us concur it was a major contributor to things which cannot yet be named nor defined!
We both saw lots of colored lights, I had spirals on the side of my face & head, around my injured knee, my tooth which was injured in accident #1 in ’06 is less painful by about 50%, a lump on my lower abdomen which has been w/ me for about two yrs now is a smaller, less painful size, Jessie’s headache is gone, her jaw & ears feel better, and an overwhelmingly beautiful floating peaceful psychodelic high exsists for us both. I continued to feel a buzzing in my face, as did Jessie, and I tasted some residual chemical stuff…like from the dentist (lots of dental in past 6 yrs)
Jessie noted afterwards that Garth ‘makes good drugs and you only have to buy them once’! MFR & Whitcombe sound healing…an incredibly powerful combination! Thanks for devoting the past three years to this new masterpiece!

Linda Miller, LMT

I already enjoy Stillness, Dreamtime and Well of Ancestors in the treatment room. Your intelligent and intuitive music helps client and therapist center and ground. I just heard this one at study group and I think it will supplant Stillness as my new fav!
With deep gratitude,
Ann Ellis

Ann Ellis