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02499_oldpier_300x72 All About Therapy Muse Therapy Muse: A modern portal into the ancient secrets of sound and healing. Art and science in harmony. Music and sound design that provides a soundtrack to healing and self transformation.

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Our Sound Safaris are journeys into pristine audio environments where we gather material for use in our Environments series, therapeutic music programming, CDs and audio for video. Often, the essence of a place is encoded in its ambient sound and can provide the inspiration for musical compositions that begin in the field and are completed in the studio.

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Everyone (including me) has loved receiving treatment to “Flow.”

Barb Long, LMT

Okay…it is OFFICIAL! Garth & Sandy Whitcombe’s new CD “Stillness” rocks!
Jessie & I used it today during our treatment w/ each other and both of us concur it was a major contributor to things which cannot yet be named nor defined!
We both saw lots of colored lights, I had spirals on the side of my face & head, around my injured knee, my tooth which was injured in accident #1 in ’06 is less painful by about 50%, a lump on my lower abdomen which has been w/ me for about two yrs now is a smaller, less painful size, Jessie’s headache is gone, her jaw & ears feel better, and an overwhelmingly beautiful floating peaceful psychodelic high exsists for us both. I continued to feel a buzzing in my face, as did Jessie, and I tasted some residual chemical stuff…like from the dentist (lots of dental in past 6 yrs)
Jessie noted afterwards that Garth ‘makes good drugs and you only have to buy them once’! MFR & Whitcombe sound healing…an incredibly powerful combination! Thanks for devoting the past three years to this new masterpiece!

Linda Miller, LMT

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